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Sunrise provides comprehensive chemical dependency assessment and treatment options to men and women who are best served in an outpatient setting.

Services include:

  • individual counseling
  • medical/somatic
  • group counseling
  • case management
  • crisis support
  • continuing care
  • random drug testing

Supportive services may include:

  • opioid agonist treatment
  • family and marital counseling
  • employment readiness
  • referrals to other needed services

*The program also provides outpatient services to clients dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse issues.


Sunrise provides three different programs:

1. Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT)

  • Patients receive counseling services and a prescription for a buprenorphine product.
  • Patients meet primarily with a counselor and have an individualized treatment plan.
  • Frequency of clinic attendance is determined by clinical need and patient preference.
  • Prescription patients self-pay for services.

2. Dispensing Program – Non-Intensive Outpatient 

  • Patients have buprenorphine products dispensed to them on-site.
  • Dispensing patients with Ohio Medicaid may have services billed to their insurance and typically have no out of pocket fees for services.
  • Additional controls are in place for patients in the dispensing program, which include:
    • random medication recalls
    • more frequent urine drug screening
    • no less frequent than bi-weekly office visits

*Patients in this program must demonstrate upon admission appropriateness for at least one week take-home medication.

3. Dispensing Program – Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • All of the features of the non-intensive program are in place, but enhanced with additional clinical services
  • Participants in the program receive at least nine hours of clinical services per week.  These include:
    • 2.5 hour group counseling sessions Monday through Thursday.
    • One hour of individual counseling per week.  This may occur on Friday if increased attendance is required.
    • Patients medicate on-site every day of attendance, reducing medication take-home requirements.  This can be a great option for people struggling with medication security or difficulty managing take-home medication.


If it is determined that a patient no longer meets criteria for take-home medication, then the patient will be referred to a higher level of care or a clinic with the capacity for supervised daily dosing.

For more information regarding services at our West Side location, please contact Lisa Huff at (513) 467-2811  or by email

For more information regarding services at our Forest Park location, please contact Julius Hightower at (513) 595-5354 or by email