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Sunrise Treatment Center West Side office is located on Harrison Ave.

Dr. Craig Cleveland, Medical Director

Dr. Cleveland is a native of Cincinnati. He graduated from DePauw University in Indiana, and attended graduate school in physiology at University of Cincinnati and then UC College of Medicine. Over his 33 years of private practice, he worked about 10 years in the emergency room, and completed further training in Occupational Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Addiction medicine. He retired from his medical practice in June 2017 to join Sunrise Treatment Center.

Dr. Cleveland approaches the patients in an integrative way, taking the best of what medications have to offer but adding in emphasis on diet, exercise and sleep, along with targeted supplements. He feels that patients will receive maximum benefit by a comprehensive approach to their health and their lives.

He has seen remarkable changes from the 1980’s when he was treating addicted vets at Cincinnati’s VA Hospital to the current day having buprenorphine. He describes the current drugs as being the best he has seen with remarkably good patient outcomes. Combining the medications with the professionalism at Sunrise Treatment Center maximizes the positive outcomes of their patients.



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 Katie, Nurse Practitioner