Urging Congress to Address the Addiction and Overdose Crisis

Though lawmakers are aware of the increasing severity of the country’s addiction crisis, there is a lot of work to be done to improve addiction treatment in the United States. Yngvild Olsen, MD, MPH is the Vice President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Recently, Dr. Olsen testified in front of Congress, urging lawmakers to devote resources needed to expand evidence-based addiction treatment.

Dr. Olsen highlighted the seriousness of this need by emphasizing that roughly 130 Americans die each day due to opioid-related overdose. For a disease that is killing this many people this quickly, the treatment available is severely lacking. He goes on to explain that not only does addiction treatment help treat the disease, it has also been shown to increase employment, reduce crime and lower the transmission of infectious diseases.

Here at Sunrise Treatment Center, we aim to do our part in treating this addiction crisis in the Ohio area by providing the same ethical, evidence-based care that Dr. Olson speaks of. In 2017, almost 21 million Americans needed addiction treatment, but only 4 million actually received any care. This large of a treatment gap is unacceptable, and we hope that the gap begins to close with the help of lawmakers.

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