Dispensing Program - Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Sunrise Treatment Center has a more intense program for those who have additional concerns. This is strictly a voluntary program involving 2.5 hour sessions 4 times a week in a group setting. The addition of an hour one-on-one with the counselor and monthly physician visits helps ensure success in the travel towards sobriety.

  • All of the features of the non-intensive program are in place, but enhanced with additional clinical services

  • Participants in the program receive at least nine hours of clinical services per week.

  • These include:

    • 2.5 hour group counseling sessions Monday through Thursday.

    • One hour of individual counseling per week.  This may occur on Friday if increased attendance is required.

    • Patients medicate on-site every day of attendance, reducing medication take-home requirements.  This can be a great option for people struggling with medication security or difficulty managing take-home medication.

    If it is determined that a patient no longer meets criteria for take-home medication, then the patient will be referred to a higher level of care or a clinic with the capacity for supervised daily dosing.