What medications will I be taking while I am in treatment?

At induction, we will give you buprenorphine alone (Subutex) for 2 days. Once you return, you will be given a buprenorphine/naloxone combination (Suboxone) tablet. Our typical initial dose is 16mg of buprenorphine daily.

Once you complete treatment and have tapered off the buprenorphine/naloxone, you can be offered a continuation of medication assisted therapy with naltrexone (Vivitrol). This is a monthly shot that helps keep the craving for opiates at bay.

Where do I get my medications?

Where you receive your medication will depend on the program that you are in. For example, if you are in the OTP/dispensing program, you are required to get your medications on-site. Patients in the OBOT/prescription program can get their medication at any community pharmacy that stocks the medication and accepts their insurance.

Can I take the buprenorphine alone (Subutex) tablets?

Buprenorphine alone (Subutex) is reserved for induction and for patients that are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a documented, true allergy to the naloxone. The allergy must be confirmed by an Allergist.

How often will I need to attend treatment?

Patients are required to attend weekly, 1- hour sessions with the counselor in order to receive medication. The patients will also see the medical staff monthly for the first year. If you attend IOP (intensive outpatient program) you will be in a group for 2 1/2 hours Monday through Thursday, either in the morning or afternoon sessions. Attendance is a requirement to be medicated.

Will I always be at weekly appointments?

Weekly appointments allow you to establish a rapport with the counselor, and to address the most important issues that affect a person early in treatment. If you have clean urine drug screens (UDS) and pass your medication recalls, you may be moved to seeing the counselor every 2 weeks.

What is a recall?

A recall is when we will call you to return to Sunrise with your medications in the original packet, as well as provide urine for drug screening. Once you receive a call, you have 24 hours to make it to the office to be checked. This is a mandated activity to help insure the medications are not being diverted (sold).

Please, DO NOT ignore the call you receive. Make sure we have your correct phone number.  If you are going to be out of town, inform your counselor that you will be gone.