Welcome to Sunrise Treatment Center

Your treatment will be led by certified experts, full-time Physicians in Addiction Medicine, who understand addiction is a chronic illness.

Sunrise Treatment Center is a substance abuse treatment program focusing primarily on opioid use disorders. We are located in Hamilton County Ohio and serve residents of the greater Cincinnati area. We have additional offices in Middletown, and Dayton. This privately-owned program can serve approximately 500 patients per facility, providing treatment for opioid use disorders through outpatient medication assisted treatment. Services include medical/somatic, individual counseling, group counseling, urinalysis, case management, and crisis intervention.

Sunrise can see you faster than most other facilities! We accept walk-ins and also offer same day and next day appointments.

New patients must be off all opiates for 18-24 hours and Methadone for 48-72 hours to start your induction on buprenorphine (Drug name). Visit our FAQ’s page and other links below for more information!