Sunrise's New Media Presence

As Sunrise continues to grow, there has been a greater need to increase awareness of what we do. Being active in the community helps, collaborating with other groups helps, but we went to radio to produce a spot for Sunrise Treatment Center and our treatment of opioid addiction.  Listen for Dr. Bill on  Nash 94.1  and 96 Rock.

Sunrise Educational Initiatives

Dr. Cleveland has been active in teaching students from University of Cincinnati, Xavier University and other colleges. He brought his preceptorship to Sunrise Treatment Center and continues to work with Nurse Practitioner students. “Sunrise Treatment Center offers a unique opportunity for the students interested in doing their Psych clinicals at our offices. Not only do we have a great variety of patients to see, but also an excellent medical and clinical staff interested in teaching”. We will continue to help students interested in the treatment of opiate addiction.

Sunrise Educational Videos

Sunrise Treatment Center has been reaching out to the community promoting treatment for those addicted to opiate pain medications and heroin. Part of our effort to increase the awareness of the problem and the treatment available is a series of commercials seen on local television. Take the time to review the information presented, and “Like” the videos.