Opiate Treatment Program (OTP)

This medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program is comprised of weekly counseling visits in addition to monthly visits with the medical provider. The individualized treatment program is followed and modified as needed as the patient progresses through treatment. Medications are dispensed in-office which eliminates the need to visit the pharmacy. For those insured by Ohio Medicaid, the office visits, lab testing, and medications are covered by their insurance eliminating any out-of-pocket expenses. Sunrise is also contracted to provide OTP services to patients insured by Anthem and Humana based on a bundled rate.

  • Patients have buprenorphine products dispensed to them on-site.

  • Additional controls are in place for patients in the dispensing program, which include:

    • Random medication recalls

    • More frequent urine drug screening

    • More gradual progression to bi-weekly or monthly office visits

*Patients in this program must demonstrate upon admission appropriateness for at least one week take-home medication.