Visits & Fees

**If you have Ohio Medicaid, all services will be covered**

Office Visits

Regardless of the program (i.e. dispensing or prescription) and your current status (i.e. actively using or transferring care), you can expect the following:

  • The first visit will last for 2-3 hours

  • The second visit will occur just 2 days later in order to:

    • Complete the intake process and orientation to the office

    • Have your TB test read

    • Receive a supply of Narcan—the overdose reversal medication

  • Weekly, one-hour counseling sessions will continue until such time that your Assessment and Individualized Treatment Plan have been completed

    • At this point and pending a licit urine drug screen and successful medication recall, you would be eligible to advance to biweekly visits unless otherwise indicated

      • Dispensing program patients will continue to be seen no less than every other week

      • Prescription program patients can eventually reduce their frequency of attendance to once every 4 weeks unless otherwise indicated

      • Patients transferring care from another facility may advance more quickly based off of their counseling needs, stability and length of time in treatment.

      • Patients seeking rapid detox will be seen weekly until the process is completed, which usually takes 4-8 weeks

  • Monthly visits with the doctor will occur throughout the first year of treatment

    • These visits will typically last approximately 20-30 minutes

    • Following the first year, doctor visits will occur every 3 months unless otherwise indicated

  • Sunrise is a voluntary program with a focus on longer-term, maintenance treatment with medication.

    • Length of treatment is individualized based on the needs of each patient, but the likely total time in treatment will be 12-24 months or more.


Ohio Medicaid patients:
Participation in the dispensing program qualifies you to have your office and medication charges billed to Medicaid. There is no out-of-pocket expense unless there are any fees associated with the required blood testing performed by an outside lab.

Caresource or Molina:
Caresource and Molina both fall under the Medicaid umbrella so there should not be any out-of-pocket expense unless there are any fees associated with the required blood testing performed by an outside lab.

Other private insurance plans:
Sunrise Treatment Center is in the process of negotiating contracts with other insurance programs. Those programs will be listed here once we have signed contracts.

New patients without a qualifying insurance plan:
The initial office visit costs $400 if you are actively using narcotics. Medication will be started at this visit. This initial fee includes the following:

  • Costs related to tests performed on-site that day

  • 2 days of medication

  • Your follow-up visit 2 days later

  • A supply of Narcan, the opioid overdose reversal medication

  • You will be financially responsible for outside lab fees for required blood testing.

General Fees

These fees below are self-pay rates.

  • Weekly Office Visit = $45 (based on the number of weeks since your last visit)

    • 1 week = $45

    • 2 weeks = $90

    • 3 weeks = $135

    • 4 weeks = $180

  • On-site urine drug testing = $10

    • You can elect to have your urine samples sent to an outside lab for testing, and you would be financially responsible for those fees.

Transfer patients without a qualifying insurance plan:
The initial office visit costs $350 for the visit and $50 for medication. This includes all the same services as described above for a new patient except for the 2-day supply of treatment medication.

Fees:  Also the same as described above for new patients.

Patients with private insurance:
Sunrise Treatment Center is working to establish relationships with other insurance companies. Sunrise staff can typically get insurance approval for the treatment medication and will provide the necessary documentation for you to submit claims on your own to your insurance provider.