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Your treatment will be led by certified experts, full-time Physicians in Addiction Medicine,

who understand addiction is a chronic illness.

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Sunrise Treatment Center is a substance abuse treatment program focusing primarily on opioid use disorders. It is located in Hamilton County Ohio and serves residents of the greater Cincinnati area, with an additional office serving Middletown. This privately owned program can serve approximately 500 patients per facility, providing treatment for opioid use disorders through outpatient medication assisted treatment. Services include medical/somatic, individual counseling, group counseling, urinalysis, case management, and crisis intervention.

Company Purpose

To ease the suffering of those with substance abuse and mental illness.


Mission Statement

To provide the best behavioral health services, while strengthening our communities and offering a great place
to work.



1.) Dignity – Every person has value and should be respected for their own sake and treated ethically.
2.) Respect – Every person deserves to be treated with courtesy, equity, and fairness and has the right to fully
exercise their autonomy.
3.) Agility – Success depends on constant innovation and improvement; change is constant.
4.) Responsibility – Every person is accountable for his/her actions, and accountability grows when the person
possesses power or authority.
5.) Collaboration – Great things can be accomplished, and difficult problems solved with teamwork and good
community partnership.
6.) Dedication – A commitment to excellence produces the best outcomes and the most fulfilling work.
7.) Loyalty – People come first and caring for people produces the best outcomes for all involved.
8.) Integrity – Holding the highest ethical standards, standing by our word, and doing the right thing even when
no one is looking leads to superior results and the most satisfying life.


Core Values

1.) Compassion, loving-kindness and concern for the greater good should guide all our thoughts and actions.
2.) We value the individual and treat everyone with Dignity and Respect.
3.) We value innovation and forgive mistakes made in its spirit, so long as they do not conflict with our core
values. “Don’t break anything we can’t fix.”
4.) We hold ourselves to very high standards, particularly our leadership. Our culture is championed by our
leaders who serve as the first examples of how we ought to act. Every employee can be a leader.
5.) We are all in this together. We do not tolerate the attitude of “that’s not my job.” There is no task too small
to care about.
6.) We seek excellence in everything we do and strive to exceed industry standards. We do not settle for good
7.) Loyalty is a two-way street. We expect leadership to show loyalty to employees, just as employees show
loyalty to Sunrise and our Core Values.
8.) It’s not easy to be the best, but if we work hard and stick to our Principles and Core Values we can accomplish
great things and change the world for the better.