Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Services

Sunrise offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for patients needing or wanting some additional structure and support while in treatment for their substance use disorder. An IOP program can be a great way for everyone to start on their road to recovery, but participation is only mandated by Sunrise in certain circumstances. Though not a complete list, the main indications for a referral to IOP at Sunrise are as follows:

IOP consists of a minimum of 9 hours of services per week. Sunrise’s IOP is a 16-week curriculum delivered in a group setting 3 days per week for 3 hours per day. In addition, IOP participants receive one hour of individual counseling per week. Patients being treated with medications for their substance use disorder will also meet with the medical providers at least once a month while in IOP.

        Sunrise’s IOP is broken into a morning and afternoon option:

The individual counseling session will either occur outside of those hours on M/T/W/H or on Fridays depending on the clinical circumstances. As usual, community recovery groups, sponsors and other positive peer supports will be encouraged of every patient in IOP.

Upon the successful completion of the IOP program, care can be continued at Sunrise on our non-intensive level. If the patient does not stabilize in their recovery during IOP, then Sunrise will work to coordinate a referral to a higher level of care like partial-hospitalization, inpatient or residential. If a patient in that situation is being treated with medication and does not accept the referral, or if the accepting program does not allow for or provide medication-assisted treatment, then treatment medications will have to be tapered prior to discharge or transfer.


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