Milford Staff

Headshot of Chief Clinical Officer, Sean Smith
Sean Smith
Clinical Director
Headshot of clinical director, Derek Jordan
Derek Jordan
Clinical Director
Headshot of nurse practitioner, Katherine Lawrence
Katherine Lawrence
Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of nurse practitioner of psychiatric care, Stacey Poe
Stacey Poe
Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Care
Headshot of nurse practitioner, Patti Ellison
Patti Ellison
Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of nursing administrator, Denise Brooker
Denise Brooker
Nursing Administrator
Headshot of clinical supervisor, Erin Merrill
Erin Merrill
Clinical Supervisor
Headshot of administrative supervisor, Stephanie Quiroz
Stephanie Quiroz
Administrative Supervisor
Headshot of addiction counselor, Robin Jackson
Robin Jackson
Addiction Counselor
Headshot of addiction counselor, Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson
Addiction Counselor
Headshot of addiction counselor, Ashley Weber
Ashley Weber
Addiction Counselor
Headshot of medication room nurse, Jennifer Franklin
Jennifer Franklin
Lead Medication Room Nurse
Headshot of administrative assistant, Dawn Jodrey
Dawn Jodrey
Administrative Assistant