B Corp Anniversary

Sunrise is proud to be celebrating the second anniversary of our B Corp certification! Since joining the ranks of other companies using business as a force for good, we have expanded our efforts in environmental, community-based, patient-centered, and employee-focused activities.

We introduced the Bevi beverage dispensers at each site to reduce the use of single-use bottles and cans, instead encouraging the use of reusable bottles and compostable cups. Additionally, Sunrise partnered with the Cincinnati-based coffee shop Deeper Roots to provide employees with local coffee, and we purchased reusable Keurig cups for every breakroom, eliminating the use of single-use plastic K-cups.

Investing in local coffee shops isn’t the only way that Sunrise has given back to the community! Each site also partakes in two “Community Days” a year, where the site shuts down and goes out to volunteer for the day. For example, parts of the Corporate team worked in three different areas, serving with Tender Mercies Inc. (Over-The-Rhine), Brighton Center (Newport, KY), and St. Vincent de Paul (Dayton). These days are important for fostering positive relationships and for working together towards the common purpose of strengthening the community. Additionally, as part of the Community Relations program, each site volunteers three times per month to make a positive impact on the community in which it serves.

In addition to our local communities, Sunrise has a deep commitment to both our patients and employees. For our patients, we have expanded care to Portsmouth and Columbus, Ohio, as well as opened a site in Northern Kentucky! Our insurance partnerships over the past year extended to now include UHC Commercial Medicare and Kentucky Medicaid, with several others on the horizon. We are looking forward to extending our care to these patients and are thankful for those partnerships!

For our employees, Sunrise continues to offer great benefits, competitive pay, opportunities for upward mobility, and staff growth with the prioritization of diversity and inclusion. We have additionally been able to run a leadership development program over the past several years, offering employees a chance to further develop their problem-solving and leadership skills.

We are looking forward to continual growth with our communities and within our sites for local and global good!

New coffee from Deeper Roots along with the reusable K-cups
Bevi beverage machine present at all sites (5,063 bottles saved as a result of this machine at Corporate!)
Our Founder & CEO Dr. Jeffrey Bill finishing up a painting project at Tender Mercies during one of our Community Days.