CitiLookout and Sunrise Treatment Center Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Holistic Healing in Springfield


CitiLookoutand Sunrise Treatment Center Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance HolisticHealing in Springfield

[SPRINGFIELD,01.09.2024] — CitiLookout, a leading organization dedicated to guidingindividuals and families on a journey towards emotional, relational, andspiritual healing, proudly announces a strategic partnership with SunriseTreatment Center, a renowned addiction treatment company. This collaborationmarks a significant step towards fostering a comprehensive approach to wellnessand recovery within the Springfield, Ohio community.

CitiLookoutspecializes in providing counseling services and connecting individuals andfamilies with effective community resources. With a mission to support holistichealing, CitiLookout focuses on the intersection of emotional, relational, andspiritual well-being. The partnership with Sunrise Treatment Center, aprominent name in addiction treatment field in Ohio, adds a crucial dimensionto CitiLookout's commitment to comprehensive care.

SunriseTreatment Center has been at the forefront of addressing addiction-relatedchallenges, offering evidence-based treatments and personalized care plans. Byjoining forces with CitiLookout, both organizations aim to create a seamlesscontinuum of care that addresses not only addiction but also the emotional andspiritual aspects of recovery.

As part ofthis collaboration, CitiLookout will establish a physical presence within theSunrise Treatment Center office located in Springfield, Ohio. This co-locationwill enable a streamlined delivery of services, providing clients with easieraccess to a wide range of support, from addiction treatment to counseling andcommunity resources.

"We arethrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Sunrise TreatmentCenter," said Stephen Massey, Director at CitiLookout. "We have anopportunity to further lift up healing communities by working with Sunrise asthey spread vital support around Clark and surrounding counties. When wecollaborate, the people heal, and we all win."

Theco-location of CitiLookout's office within Sunrise Treatment Center signifies acommitment to enhancing collaboration between mental health and addictiontreatment professionals. This proximity will facilitate seamless communicationand coordination of care, ensuring that clients receive the most comprehensiveand integrated support available.

"We areexcited about the synergies that will result from this partnership," said LeslieBerssenbruegge, Regional Clinical Director at Sunrise Treatment Center."Together, we can address the complex needs of individuals on theirjourney to recovery, providing a more comprehensive and holistic path towardshealing."

Thisstrategic partnership exemplifies the commitment of both CitiLookout and SunriseTreatment Center to elevate the standard of care for individuals and familiesfacing emotional, relational, and addiction challenges. By combining theirstrengths, these organizations aim to make a lasting impact on the well-beingof the Springfield community.

About Sunrise

SunriseTreatment Center is a leading addiction treatment facility located inCincinnati, Ohio. Committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care,Sunrise Treatment Center focuses on holistic approaches to support individualson their journey to recovery. As a Certified B-Corporation and a two-time"Best for the World" winner in the "customers" category,Sunrise Treatment Center sets a high standard for ethical and impactfulbusiness practices in the addiction treatment industry. For more information,visit


CitiLookoutwas founded eleven years ago with the mission of serving historicallyunderserved, underrepresented, or minority populations with counseling, for thepurpose of healing so they can function independently and effectively.CitiLookout is known throughout our community for providing quality licensedclinical counseling and trauma recovery services to underserved populations.

The Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) model under whichCitiLookout operates was developed to address the needs of underserved crimesurvivors— people who often face the biggest barriers to accessing healingservices. The TRC model is specifically designed to reach those who have fallenthrough the cracks of traditional support services. TRCs have established atrack record of addressing the needs of crime survivors who are traditionallyunderserved, such as people experiencing street violence, younger victims,people who are homeless, LGBTQ+ victims, and communities of color. Findingsfrom a four-year randomized clinical trial and subsequent research havedemonstrated this model to be both treatment- and cost-effective. For moreinformation, visit

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